Delta Putt’s Inventor Featured in Wilsonville Spokesman

Founder of GSix Products, Dave Grill was featured in the Wilsonville Spokesman!

Dave shared his experience of identifying the opportunity to help golfers and how he designed a “diagnostic tool” to give the user feedback on where they can improve their putting game.

“It will identify even the most minor flaw in your stroke. It’s great for top-rated PGA professionals clear through the first-time beginner because when you use it, it gives you visuals,” Grill said. “You can see exactly what you just did in your stroke with the way the putt glides down the mat.”

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The Delta Putt Reviewed on Top Golf Blog, PJ Koenig

The Delta Putt was reviewed by top golf blogger PJ Koenig on July 19th, 2017:

When it comes to training aids, I am always skeptical.  With so many out there, it is difficult to sort through those that are worth while and those that are a waste of time.  To give some background.  Here are the criteria in which I measure the validity of training aids.

  • Repetition and muscle memory are the only ways to actually make a change to your swing.
  • When making changes in your swing, the movement must feel exaggerated at first.
  • Visual cues are very helpful when training.
  • Two swing thoughts are one too many.
  • Positive swing changes take real time and effort.

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