The Delta Putt Refines Your Short Game

The Delta Putt is a breakthrough tool, that will transform your short game. How? By giving you instant feedback without any special electronic devices. By practicing with The Delta Putt, you can immediately determine subtle changes necessary to strengthen your game and decrease your strokes, all from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or wherever you are. The Delta Putt is compact so it travels with you. Take your game to the next level, with The Delta Putt. Pick your side! With three sides offering different skill levels, our Delta Putt Puck will give..

Seeing The Line

Knowing whether you are stroking your putts “down the line” is critical to becoming a great putter. The design of the Delta puck allows you to see down the line to the intended target.

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Feedback is Critical

Knowing what you just did is critical to correcting what you just did. This is true for both a perfect putting stroke and an imperfect putting stroke. If you are out on the golf course

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Putting is Important

What is the quickest way to lower your golf score and handicap? Make more putts! Justin Rose recently won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics by two strokes.While assessing his victory,

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